7 Best ATV Battery for Cold Weather

Are you hunting high and low for the best ATV battery for cold weather with the aim that you can ride on trails and across various terrains? But can not choose the perfect one as the marketplace is filled with multiple ATV batteries and each manufacturer claims that they are the best in town.

Frankly speaking, you are not alone. A significant population finds themselves at sea when it comes to bringing the best ATV battery into the equation.

To help you out, here I have outlined the 7 best ATV batteries that not only lend a helping hand in starting the machine in the chilling cold but also won’t leak and corrode and withstand vibration when you’re running a snowmobile on hilly terrains.

Before jumping into the detailed guide where we will cover the best cold weather ATV battery, let’s take a closer look at:

  • 3 Benefits of ATV Battery
  • 4 Types of ATV Battery
  • How to choose the best ATV battery?
  • What is the Best ATV battery to buy?

Let’s take a deep dive into this detailed guide on ATV batteries.

3 Benefits of ATV Battery

It’s no secret that when you put the appropriate ATV batteries into the service they translate into countless hours of fun. No matter what vehicle you have be it a motorcycle, ski jet, or snowmobile, the ATV batteries can make you happy as they will bring favorable outcomes without a hitch.

Here are the 3 benefits of bringing an ATV battery into the equation.

#1. They are versatile

It doesn’t matter for what purpose you put an ATV Battery into service, be it starting the vehicle in chilly weather climate or powering the multiple electrical components for instance lights, and indicators, of your snowmobile, or ski jets, and counting, an ATV battery will bring fruitful results.

#2. Promotes a quick start even in the frigid weather condition

It’s very common that a significant snowmobile or ski jet population complains that their battery fails in starting the engine in freezing weather conditions. If you spend multiple sleepless nights thanks to the inherent fear that your vehicle may stop functioning when there’s chilling cold weather, then an ATV battery will save your day as it starts the engine in the blink of an eye without trouble.

#3. Enjoys a ‘maintenance-free’ tag

The ATV battery enjoys a ‘maintenance-free’ tag where you won’t need to check the electrolyte levels or take care of the battery and add the water in it at a regular interval. On top of that, you won’t experience any leakage, or spillage, issues in your lifetime.

benefits of ATV Battery

4 Types of ATV Battery

A significant newbie auto population finds it difficult to select the right ATV. To help you out, let’s take a closer look at the 4 options you have got to choose from.

#1. Conventional Lead-Acid Battery

For a significant vehicle population, Lead-Acid batteries are the preferred option thanks to their affordability. But on the flip side, you need to check and add the acid and distilled water at regular intervals with the intention that the battery won’t dry up and get damaged. On top of that, it’s an open secret that these batteries are prone to spillage, corrosion, and counting, and hence they aren’t a viable option for off-road adventure.

#2. Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)

The AGM batteries are popularly known as the maintenance-free battery as they bring an out-of-the-box design into the existence where the battery brings fiberglass pads into being that are being wedged between the anode and cathode plates with the aim that the special plates and absorbed glass mat separators will absorb the electrolyte where you won’t experience any instance of leakage, or spillage of the electrolyte. On top of that what gives this battery a competitive moat is they are shock and vibration proof which will make the off-road vehicle population happy.

#3. Gel Cell

Alike AGM batteries, Gel Cell batteries also enjoy a maintenance-free status but they aren’t the same. Thanks to a silica-like gel, the Gel Cell batteries aren’t prone to corrosion, or leakage and you can mount the battery in any position. Though the Gel Cell batteries cost a higher price as compared to the AGM batteries, but when it comes to leaking, thanks to a silica-like gel it’s a distant dream. One of the downsides of this battery is you need to recharge the battery time and again, unless, you may have contact with an untimely crash of the ATV battery.

#4. Lithium-ion Battery

When you’re not ready to compromise on performance and ready to pay a hefty dollar amount then a lithium-ion battery is a viable option. Unlike the AGM or Gel Cell batteries, where there’s an acid, the lithium-ion batteries are cent percent free from liquids and hence there’s no chance of leakage or spillage. On top of that, the absence of acid makes sure that it can be mounted in any orientation and they are a lighter option when compared to the AGM or Gel Cell batteries.

How to choose the best ATV battery

No ATV batteries have been brought into existence that will make all the users happy. The marketplace is full of a wide array of ATV batteries with various dimensions that will cater to a specific type of audience. Hence, it’s your task to pay close attention to these 7 factors unless all of your efforts will end in smoke.

Factor #1. Compatibility

It’s as clear as the sky is blue that the marketplace is full of a wide array of ATV batteries that are designed for meeting specific purposes. Before hitting the buy button do check the manufacturer’s specifications and take a closer look at whether your recreational vehicle is on the list that is deemed fit as per the manufacturer’s recommended vehicle type. Other than that check the dimension of the battery, unless it’s highly likely that you will finish buying a spacious battery for your small off-road vehicle that won’t fit properly.

Factor #2. Cold Cranking Amps

What will decide your fate when there’s frigid cold outside and you want to drive your snowmobile with your friends is Cold Cranking Amps. The higher the CCA is, the higher the chances are that your battery will start the engine in the blink of an eye. With a battery with 500 CCA, you won’t witness any difficulty in starting the ATV engine in chilling cold weather conditions.

Factor #3. Amp Hour

The Amp hour will decide how much energy an ATV battery can store indefinitely. Simply put, Amp hour is the battery capacity that ranges anywhere between 12Ah and 40Ah. When you run your recreational vehicle on hilly terrains, an ATV battery with 12Ah won’t dampen your spirits.

Factor #4. Cycle Life

The cycle life determines what number of times an ATV battery can be recharged in full before a user replaces the existing battery with a new one. The higher the cycle life is, the higher number of times it can be recharged and your ATV battery will last years and years. A 2000 cycle life is a sweet spot for a significant auto population that isn’t ready to settle with a battery that delivers lower performance.

Factor #5. Capacity

As the charging system and ATV battery go hand in hand, that’s why you should pay close attention to whether the charging system and ATV battery work in harmony or not. For instance, if the ATV battery has a higher capacity, there’s a possibility that it won’t be fully charged. On the flip side, there’s an inherent risk of overcharging if the battery has a lower capacity, where you will witness that there’s an increase in temperature, and the battery won’t last long.

Factor #6. Durability

If you bring your snowmobile or ski jets into service for a lot of off-the-road riding, then there’s an inherent risk of corrosion, spillage, and leakage thanks to the heavy riding and vibration. Hence, it’s a good idea to investigate the durability of the ATV battery when you’re expecting the battery to last for the next 3 or 5 years.

Factor #7. Weight

When winning a race is your pressing priority then, you should put a portable ATV battery into service as a few extra pounds will decide your fate.

The 7 Best ATV Battery for Cold Weather

From starting your snowmobile’s engine in the frigid cold weather to powering the snowmobile’s lights in the low light environment, an ATV battery will save your day.

But when it comes to picking the best ATV battery for cold weather, a significant population finds themselves confused.

Putting an ATV battery in place that will live to your expectations requires blood, sweat, and tears. To save your day, here I have outlined the 7 best ATV batteries.

Chrome Battery YTX14-BS Maintenance Free Replacement Battery

If you’re conducting a fishing expedition for the best powersports battery that enjoys a ‘maintenance free’ status then there’s no need to look other than Chrome Battery YTX14-BS Maintenance Free Replacement Battery. The manufacturer brings the ATV battery into existence by putting lead calcium alloy and absorbed glass mat technology into practice to make this battery a completely maintenance-free option when it comes to satisfying high-performance operation no matter what vehicle you have be it a motorcycle, scooter, jet skis or snowmobile.

It’s as clear as the sky is blue that when you frequently ride on trails and across various terrains, then a durable ATV Battery will save your day. The good news is that the manufacturer knows what the users are craving for, so the manufacturer brings Absorbed Glass Mat Technology where you will find an out-of-the-box grid design with the intention that the battery won’t leak and corrode thanks to heavy riding and vibration which uplift the battery life to a degree. An added bonus, you will find there’s not only a patented sealed post but also a heat sealed case to put a stop to acid seepage, and corrosion.

When there’s a cold frigid weather outside then what will save your day is an ATV battery with high Cold Cranking Amps. It’s no secret that the CCA will decide your fate in the cold conditions as CCA brings how efficiently the battery will function in cold weather into broad daylight. With 200 CCA, it’s highly likely that you won’t witness any trouble when it comes to starting an ATV engine when the temperature is well below zero.

It’s as clear as the sky is blue that a battery’s cycle life will decide your fate when it comes to the number of times you can recharge your battery. The manufacturer claims that the battery will remain unharmed until 2000 recharges. Long story short, on average, you need not replace this battery with a new one for the next 3 to 5 years.

When winning the race is your pressing priority, then this Lead Calcium battery won’t dampen your spirits as it weighs 9.7 pounds and it can easily be placed in your dirt bike, or personal watercraft as it measures 5.8 inches wide by 3.26 inches deep by 5.71 inches tall. On top of that, at the time of this writing, the manufacturer offers a 2-year full replacement warranty.

What will save your day if it comes right down to handling everything from winning the race in cold weather conditions to keeping the battery up and running in hilly terrains is ATV Battery’s Amp Hour. When you take a closer look at the battery’s Amp Hour, with 12Ah, you won’t be disappointed as Chrome Battery YTX14-BS Maintenance Free Replacement Battery can store significant energy to power your operations.

Yuasa YUAM620BH YTX20HL-BS Battery

The Yuasa is well-known and widely popular for its auto care products and this Yuasa YUAM620BH YTX20HL-BS Battery is no bare exception. Unlike other Lead-Acid batteries that force a user in keeping a cautious eye on electrolyte levels and add the water at regular intervals to mount upright, when you bring the Yuasa battery into the equation, then there’s no need to add water in your lifetime, and on top of that, you can mount this item in any position without any trouble.

If you are spending multiple sleepless nights when it comes to whether the battery will start your ATV in the frigid cold weather outside, then YTS Battery will give the much-needed peace of mind. With 310 Cold Cranking Amps, the battery will function at full tilt without trouble in the scenario where the temperature drops below zero. Other than that, the battery will store serious power which gives satisfaction to a user who expects that the battery will deliver 18 amperes of current for a prolonged duration.

No matter what vehicle you have in your garage, this item works well in off-road motorcycles, ATVs, and all-terrain vehicles which means you can challenge your mates for any game irrespective of what is the roughness of your rides when your arsenal has the best quad battery with confidence. If bringing a spill-proof battery into the action is your pressing priority, then Yuasa YUAM620BH YTX20HL-BS Battery will cease your fishing expedition.

On the wings of the advanced lead-calcium technology, you can expect that there’s no corrosion as the special plates and absorbed glass mat separators which are inserted between the positive and negative disc will sponge up the battery acid. On top of that, this out-of-the-box technology holds its specific gravity for more than 3 times longer when compared to conventional batteries.

It’s an open secret when you add acid to the battery by following easy-to-follow instructions that are printed in the instruction booklet, then you can expect maximum performance when compared to the other conventional batteries where the battery acid sits ideally for a prolonged duration. The manufacturer provides the acid bottle that you will add just before you put the battery on the payroll. If you mind battery’s p’s and q’s, you won’t finish buying another battery for the next few years to come.

A significant battery population won’t find it enjoyable if it comes right down to adding acid to the battery and charging the battery for an extended period of time before installation. Above all, there are multiple users complaining that the battery won’t recharge in a stipulated period of time.

Weize YTX14 BS ATV Battery

When you have a personal watercraft, Jet Ski, or snowmobile and you’re conducting a fishing expedition for an ATV battery that enjoys a spill-proof, maintenance-free tag, then Weize YTX14 BS ATV Battery will cease your witch hunt.

The Weize ATV battery is designed by setting a state-of-the-art Absorbed Glass Mat Technology in motion with the aim that it won’t leak or corrode. Hence, there’s no chance of damage to this ATV battery due to shock, heat, and vibration as the battery acid is absorbed by the out-of-the-ordinary plates before it plays havoc with the ATV battery which puts a stop to corrosion in a scenario where you’re riding your jet ski on bumpy roads.

What will save your day and strenuous effort is the battery won’t demand constant care and above all, there’s no need to check the water levels at regular intervals when compared to peer competitors. In a nutshell, it’s a distant dream that you will witness spillage, or leakage issues after the installation as the manufacturer claims that this battery is leak-proof and spill-proof when you mount this battery to an extent of 90° angle.

This battery comes fully charged with the intention that a user won’t recharge the battery before installation. When the existing battery fails to start the dirt bike, put the newer ATV battery into service and start the dirt bike up. Another cool feature that is worth mentioning is that the manufacturer brings this ATV battery in broad daylight where you need not check the electrolyte levels time and again.

When it comes to choosing the legitimate ATV battery, weight, size, Ampere-Hour, and Cold Cracking Amps are the critical components that a user needs to take a closer look at. With a weight of 9.46 pounds and a dimension of 5.91-inches by 3.43-inches by 5.71-inches, the battery will easily fit in your vehicle without pounding weights. On top of that, with cold cracking amps of 252, and 12 Ampere hour capacity, Weize YTX14 BS ATV Battery will bring favorable outcomes. However, if you’re not ready to witness a scenario where the battery fails to start the all-terrain vehicles, then replace the ATV battery every 3 years.

When you order the product via clicking this link, it will take 2 working days to arrive at your doorstep. However, if you’re not satisfied with this battery after purchase, you can return it hassle-free. If you return the item within the first 30 days, you will get the exact dollar amount right in your bank account. In addition, the product comes with a 1-year warranty. An added bonus, the contact support team will solve your problems regarding the battery round the clock.

ThrottleX AGM Replacement Power Sport Battery

When you’re conducting a witch hunt for a maintenance-free ATV battery that will start in the blink of an eye even in the cold weather without trouble and that won’t make a hole in your pocket then it’s hard to resist buying ThrottleX AGM Replacement Power Sport Battery.

The secret behind the maintenance-free tag is the manufacturer brings Absorbed Glass Mat Non-Spillable Sealed Technology into play where the positive and negative plates are cut in two by sulfation-resistant plates that won’t give the green light where the battery’s acid flows freely on the inner side of the battery which in turn results in longer battery life. In a nutshell, the spill-proof heat sealed cover puts a stop to leaks.

What gives ThrottleX AGM Replacement Power Sport Battery a competitive advantage over peer competitors is the presence of Advanced Lead Calcium Technology. It’s common knowledge that failure of your battery in halting sulfation will cause an inherent risk of accumulation of sulphate crystals in the battery which are the main culprits behind the early battery damages. In the worst scenario, the battery will die untimely no matter what price you have paid for it, and it’s highly likely that you will come into contact with longer charging times.

If you’re feeling the necessity for a battery that starts the engine in the blink of an eye to a frostbite surface, then it won’t ruin your prospects thanks to its A-OK cranking power of 220CCA. Moreover, with a 12 Ampere-hour rating, you won’t need to connect the charger thick and fast when compared to other peer competitors.

This item makes a significant ATV population happy by putting the highest quality materials and workmanship into use where the item comes fully charged under broad daylight where a user can install the battery in their stuff by following an easy-to-understand manual. Long story short, just make a purchase of ThrottleX AGM Replacement Power Sport Battery, and ride trouble-free.

If you fear that excess weight and whopping size can cause a reduction in speed, then this battery will bring a breath of fresh air. With a weight of 8.88 pounds and a dimension of 5.31 inches wide by 3.56 inches deep by 6.375 inches tall, there are fewer chances that it can cause a scaling down in the speed.

Along with the 12-month free replacement warranty, the manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee where it can refund the exact dollar amount without asking any questions.

Mighty Max Battery

When you have an off-the-road vehicle there’s an inherent risk of corrosion and spillage. Keeping in mind, the manufacturer has installed an absorbent glass mat separator that turns the battery spill-proof. An added bonus, Mighty Max Battery features an innovative valve-regulated design that rules out the occurrence of fluid loss with the aim that you won’t finish refilling the battery with acid.

If you employ the ATV on rough terrains, then you should bring a battery that resists shocks and vibration unless you witness unfavorable results. The good news is that the battery withstands severe vibration thanks to its far-out grid design.

The high-impact case and cover create an objectionable environment where the electrolyte remains untouched in the sub-zero temperature. There’s a sealed sub valve that throws out the excess pressure from the system. On top of that, this battery can be mounted in any position without any trouble.

With 210 Cold Cranking Amps, and 12 Ampere-Hour batteries, there’s no problem in starting the engine in the chilling cold weather condition in the scenario of your machine is sitting ideally for a quarter. The high-impact case and container assure a user that the lead-acid battery remains unharmed and delivers sheer performance for an extended period of time even in low temperatures.

The battery comes fully charged, and hence, there’s no need to charge the battery up which means the battery is ready-to-use and you can install the battery in your snowmobile. On top of that, it’s a hassle-free experience since you need not add any fluids before installation.

The weight of an ATV battery can make a world of difference when it comes to winning a race. If you’re on the verge of making a purchase, let me tell you that a significant population finds a light ATV battery their sweet spot. With a dimension of 5.20 inches tall, 3.50 inches deep, and 6.40 inches wide and a weight of 10 pounds won’t hurt when you’re expecting a robust performance.

After buying the item, if Mighty Max Battery does not deliver fruitful outcomes, then what will save your hard-earned dollars is its 30-day refund policy. The manufacturer will credit the exact dollar amount if you cancel the order within the first 30 days. Besides offering a money-back guarantee, it comes with a full 1-year warranty.

To conclude in short and sweet, the inclusion of out-of-the-box features including high discharge rate, wide operating temperatures, deep discharge recover, and counting makes this battery a worthy consideration irrespective of whether you’re living in warmer or chilly climate conditions.

Pirate Battery YB14A-A2 Conventional Replacement Battery

If you belong to aggressive riders who run the off-road vehicles regularly, and won’t mind paying a significant dollar amount to bring a maintenance-free battery that is not only vibration-proof but also impact-proof, then Pirate Battery YB14A-A2 Conventional Replacement Battery is a viable option.

With 210 Cold Cranking Amps, there won’t be a problem when you are planning the snowmobile in the snow, as the battery can start in a heartbeat even in the coldest temperatures. As the Ampere hour determines for what period of time it can run before it cries out for a charge, if you have a smaller vehicle then with 14-ampere hour, it gives authorization to a user to run the off-road vehicle for an hour without any troubleshooting issues.

To put a stop to acid seepage, and take corrosion off weight which in turn prolongs battery life, there’s a patented sealed post in the battery. The manufacturer puts the top technology namely Absorbed Glass Mat Technology on the payroll where the battery is brought into existence that houses a way-out separator that dreams up a spill-proof battery.

The thing that will make you happy is it features Thru-partition construction which divides the current path into small partitions where there is less resistance when compared to ‘over the partition’ construction so that the system’s cranking power elevates to a degree when it’s your compelling necessity.

The battery is covered with a polypropylene cover and container which make sure that the reserve electrolyte remains unscathed as the polypropylene is waterproof and resistant to moisture absorption to the nth degree. To sum up, the electrolyte inside the battery remains safe and sound and you need not worry about if it withstands higher impact in extreme weather conditions.

If the above-mentioned excellent features fail to make you happy, then you will be in high spirits when you find that the manufacturer comes with an 18-month warranty, and what will give you peace of mind is you will get a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you’re not ready to add the acid to the battery before installation then you will love this product. The battery comes fully charged with the intent that a user simply connects the battery in your Dirt Bike without taking pains.

This vibration, shock, and heat-resistant battery’s dimension stands at 5.31 inches by 6.57 inches by 6.57 inches. Above all, this battery meets the safety standards of Underwriter Laboratories (UL), ISO, and occupational health and safety. This Pirate Battery YB14A-A2 Conventional Replacement Battery won’t throw cold water on your expectations as it won’t reduce the speed thanks to its 9 pounds of weight.

ExpertPower AGM Maintenance Free Power Sport Battery

When you’re not in the mood for compromising the overall riding speed thanks to a bulky and overweight ATV battery, then the ExpertPower AGM Maintenance-free Power Sport Battery will bring a breadth of fresh air. With a weight of 6.04 pounds, there’s a strong possibility that it won’t dishearten the spirits of a ski jet rider who wants to ride the vehicle at turbo speed when his pressing priority is to make a medium distance.

The manufacturer focuses attention on AGM technology and Advanced Lead Calcium Technology with the aim that there’s low internal resistance that translates into stupendous battery performance where the instances of heating up of battery turn to zero. The union of the two features results in picking the starting power up and putting a stop to sulfating. When you bring this battery into the equation, you won’t witness any leakage, spillage, or corrosion issues in your lifetime.

On top of that, unlike conventional batteries, this battery is brought into being with the aim that a user neither checks the electrolyte levels nor adds water at regular intervals. Above all, this maintenance-free battery comes sealed in every way and fully charged which makes the aggressive riders happy who expect a shock and impact-proof ATV battery.

This battery offers top-notch performance when it comes to starting the engine in the blink of an eye no matter what the temperature is outside. Long story short, you can plan the ride with your friends when the temperature varies anywhere between – 30°C and 55°C. As a preventive measure, you should check what size will fit in your vehicle because this battery is 5.9-inch long, 3.3-inch wide, and 4.2-inch high and the bitter truth is there is a significant number of users who fails to put the ATV battery in position. If it fits in your snowmobile, then you can take caution in order to protect the battery by putting the best battery box into service.

What will give you the much-needed peace of mind is the manufacturer offers a 90-day money refund policy where they will credit the identical dollar amount in your bank account when you cancel the order within a quarter without asking any questions. The 1-year warranty will save your day as multiple users find when the battery comes to their doorstep they discover the battery is damaged. This is quite obvious as it’s not a distant dream that the battery may be black and blue during shipping.

Final Thoughts

Before adding an ATV battery to the shopping cart, if you take a closer look at the roughness of your rides and how often you run the snowmobile and other equipment, it’s highly likely that you can witness favorable outcomes. Then, you should check the price tag of the ATV battery and pay in accordance with your budget that won’t make a hole in your pocket. Other than a reliable battery, you should put flawless tires, a winch, and a tailor-made headgear into service.

When you do not run your snowmobile, ski jet, etc. once a week, then you can take a few preventive measures. You should not only remove the battery but also store the ATV battery in a container somewhere that is not exposed to direct sunlight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do ATV batteries come charged?

The good news is that when you bring ThrottleX AGM Replacement Power Sport Battery, and Chrome Battery YTX14-BS Maintenance Free Replacement Battery into the equation, there’s no need to charge, as the battery comes fully charged and ready to use.

How long does it take to charge an ATV battery?

Once you connect the charger to the battery terminals, it will take anywhere between 4 and 5 hours to be fully charged. However, the time period may vary depending on several factors for instance how old the battery is, how adeptly you care about the ATV battery, and counting.

How long to charge a new ATV battery?

When you put a battery charger into service, the primary advantage is that it will stop charging without fail once the battery level touches a cent percent. Long story short, your waiting period may vary between 12 and 16 hours.

Can you charge ATV battery while connected?

It’s unthinkable that you can witness any trouble when it’s still in your snowmobile. But a significant ATV population prefers to take the battery out and charge in a well-ventilated area.

How to charge an ATV battery with a battery charger?

No matter what type of ATV battery is in your motorcycle, ski jet, or snowmobile, you can charge it when you have a 12V charger that dishes out a current from 1 amp to 3 amps.

Hope this article has helped you to find the best ATV battery for winter that will bring fruitful outcomes.

Have I missed the best battery for ATV that you find the best? Make a comment so that I can add the ATV battery to this list ASAP.

If you have found this article helpful, feel free to share this post with your friends, relatives, and colleagues, with the intention that they can find the best ATV battery that won’t dishearten their spirits in the chilly climate condition.

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