7 Best Polaroid Printer for iPhone

Are you hunting high and low for the best polaroid printer for iPhone that will print your iPhone photos that last for a century?

Since the marketplace is full of portable iPhone printers across multiple price tags, it’s a tuff call to pick the best one. This article will help you to find the best Polaroid photo printer that allows you to print your iPhone photos hassle-free.

Let’s dive into it.

What is a polaroid printer?

A polaroid printer turns the digital photos that are captured and stored either in your iOS/Android smartphones or in a DSLR camera into tear-resistant, water-proof, smudge-resistant, photos.

How does a polaroid printer work?

Just start the polaroid printer by hitting the ‘power’ button. After that, if you have an iPhone or iPad, or an Android Smartphone, just turn the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and allow your smartphone to conduct a fishing expedition for the mini printer. After establishing the connection, select a photo, do proper customization, and print. As a result, you will get a picture without any hassle.

How does a polaroid printer work

How to use a polaroid printer?

No matter at what price the polaroid printer you have bought, you will find a user manual, read it, and follow the instructions.

For instance, a majority of the polaroid printers allow a user to connect their iOS/Android compatible smartphones either via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Then install a dedicated app on your smartphone that lets you customize and edit the photos. After customization, connect your smartphone with the photo printer and hit the ‘print’ button.

7 Parameters to Check before buying the Best Polaroid Photo Printer for iPhone

Are you at sixes and sevens when it’s time to buy the best portable printer for iPhone?

When you are on a witch hunt for the best mini printer for iPhone, ask the following 7 questions and find the relevant answer before picking a printer.

Question #1. What’s the size of the photo printer?

You will find an ample number of iPhone photo printers that are small and can easily be carried in your pocket. On the flip side, the marketplace is full of printers that aren’t small and demand a larger space. Depending on your priorities, pick a Polaroid printer.

Different sizes of polaroid photo printer

When you are hunting high and low for a Polaroid printer for iPhone that you want to take on vacation, then buy a Polaroid printer that easily fits in either your pocket or backpack to capture the moments and print the photos. On the contrary, if you are looking for a printer that you will keep at home, then you are good to buy a spacious printer.

Question #2. Is the polaroid printer lightweight?

When you are looking for a printer that you can take on vacation, then it’s a good idea to pick a lightweight mini printer for your iPhone.

Question #3. Is the quality up to the mark?

No matter how portable a polaroid printer is. If the pictures are dull or dark then all of your efforts will end in smoke. When you won’t compromise with the quality, then you should buy a polaroid printer from reputable polaroid printer providers namely HP, Kodak, Canon, and counting. When you buy a polaroid printer from these polaroid printer makers, the chances are higher that the photos will be long-lasting. For example, since the HP Sprocket delivers high-quality smudge-resistant, water-proof, and tear-resistant color photos they won’t fade or bleed easily and therefore last longer.

Question #4. Does the photo printer connect a device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi?

A majority of the photo printers connect your iPhone through Bluetooth, but multiple photo printers require Wi-Fi. Before buying a photo printer do check the connectivity options.

Question #5. Can the photo printer allow USB-compatible devices?

What if you have captured exciting moments in your DSLR camera and now you want to print the memories? Before buying a photo printer do check whether the photo printer allows USB-compatible devices or not. Take an example of the Kodak Dock mobile printer. You can print the photos easily either from your smartphone via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi or from the DSLR camera via PictBridge.

Question #6. Does the photo printer allow editing?

The good news is that a lion’s share of photo printers allows you to customize a photo by adding emojis, text, filters, etc. For instance, when you buy the ‘HP Sprocket Photo Printer‘ then you will get access to the ‘HP Sprocket App’ that lets you edit and customize the photo.

7 Best Polaroid Printer for iPhone

The polaroid photo printers allow a user to print the photo either in their iPhones or in the DSLR camera hassle-free. The portable photo printers are compact, lightweight, and turn a digital group photo or a selfie into a 2 x 3-inch, or 4 x 6-inch dimension photo.

Let’s take a dive into the world of the best wireless photo printers that allow you to connect your iPhone/Android device with the photo printer wirelessly to print smudge-proof, tear-proof, and water-resistant photos.

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

When you are looking for a portable photo printer that is lightweight and allows you to carry wherever you go then HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer will put an end to your polaroid printer expedition. Its dimension stands at 4.63 x 3.15 x 0.98 inches. This portable photo printer can be easily fit into your pocket, backpack with ease, and weighs only 6.1 ounces. You will barely notice that you have a photo printer in your pocket.

Since this polaroid printer is compatible with Android 5, iOS 10, and above versions, you can print the photos that are in the photo gallery on your Android or iPhone. Just turn on the Bluetooth in your smartphone, and after proper customization, hit the ‘print’ button. When you own this printer, then you can print the social media images without any hassle, but in the comfort of your home. Just connect the social media account with the HP Sprocket App, and edit the photos accordingly to turn the social media images into high-quality smudge-resistant, water-proof, and tear-resistant color photos with 313 x 400 dpi color resolution.

What makes this portable photo printer a standout among mini printers is that along with this printer you will get access to the HP Sprocket App that lets a user add a filter, text, emojis, customize photos with borders and stickers, and many more before you hit the ‘print’ button.

This photo printer connects 3 devices at the same time that allow your friends to print their pictures too. An added bonus, the photo printer throws a LED light that shows whose photo the printer will print.

Lastly, the HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer can print more than 35 photos of 2 x 3-inch dimensions on a single charge. Besides a portable photo printer, it comes with 10 sheets of 2 x 3″ paper to print awesome photos. The portable printer is available across four color combinations namely Black Noir, Blush Pink, Lilac, and Luna Pearl.

On the downside, it prints only 2 x 3-inch images that are too small and you won’t be able to connect a computer via a USB cable.

Polaroid Hi-Print Photo Printer

When you are looking for a photo printer that not only is lightweight, compact but also prints high-quality 2 x 3-inch color business card size photos that you can stick either in the home or at the working desk, then this is one of the best iPhone photo printers that is worth the price.

No matter whether you are on a fishing expedition or at the college graduation ceremony, this lightweight yet compact photo printer allows you to take a group picture of your friends to turn the current moment into memories that will make you laugh in the future.

The Polaroid printer lets you connect this printer to your iPhone via Bluetooth to create vibrant custom prints without a wire. Along with that, by installing the Polaroid Hi-Print App either on your Android and iOS smartphone you can customize the photo, by adding the relevant frames, filters, text, and emoticons.

What gives this photo printer a competitive edge over the other photo printers is that the photo printer utilizes innovative dye-sublimation technology. The technology enables this photo printer to deliver high-quality, high-resolution vibrant photos with a protective coating within 50 seconds every single time.

On the downside, unlike the other photo printers that offer paper cartridges, this photo printer won’t. You need to buy the Polaroid Hi-print paper along with this printer since the Polaroid Zinc Paper is not compatible with this printer.

Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 Mobile Printer

When you are ready to break the bank then you should buy Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 Mobile Printer that uses image intelligence to brighten up a photo accordingly in case the artificial intelligence detects that the image turns out too dark and delivers an ink-free analog print that none the mobile printers cut the mustard.

Unlike the other mini printers that require a Bluetooth connection, the Fujifilm uses Wi-Fi technology. A new laser exposure system empowers this printer to print a photo in 10 seconds. Plus, via a ‘Reprint’ button, you can share the identical print with your friends, or colleagues.

By installing the ‘instax SHARE’ app, you can customize the photos that are either in your smartphone’s gallery or in the social media profiles i.e. Instagram and Facebook, and print the best shots.

This printer employs the Instax technology that excels in color development and preservation that delivers a picture of high definition and high resolution of 800 x 600 dots that display the facial expressions as clear as the sky is blue. You will find high luminance LED lights that point to film and battery status.

No matter what is the date, where are you, it is raining like cats and dogs, when you select the ‘Real-Time Template’ and capture the moment, then the date, geo-location, weather, temperature, and moisture level are mentioned in the frame that makes this photo one and only around the globe since nobody can make a copy.

On the downside, this printer isn’t an affordable option anymore for a majority of the workforce. Plus, it’s too large to fit into your pocket.

Canon IVY Mobile Mini Photo Printer

Alike competitors, it’s lightweight, fits in your pocket too since this portable printer’s weight is 5.6 ounces and its dimension is 4.7 x 3.2 x 0.7 inches that make this photo printer pocket-friendly and allows a user to carry it wherever the user travels.

From the birthdays to new year party, or college fest, print the photos that are either on your iPhone/Android phone or your Facebook/Instagram, just sync your iPhone and the IVY and get smudge-proof, tear-proof, and water-resistant photos that you can stick the photos anywhere.

To get started, install the ‘Canon Mini Print’ App on your iOS or Android mobile. You will find a power button in the photo printer, just press it for a bit and wait for a few minutes until the light turns from red to green. Now turn the Bluetooth of your smartphone and sync the IVY to your iPhone/Android smartphone via Bluetooth. After proper customization and editing i.e. adding frames, stickers, text, filters, tile print, etc. open the mobile printer’s lid and place the blue SMART SHEETTM at first, followed by the ZINK Photo Paper, and press the ‘print’ button and let the mobile printer print 2 x 3-inch business size photos.

The best part?

When you have a few photos while a college graduation ceremony or during a vacation with your besties, this photo printer allows a user to add up to 4 photos to create a personalized photo library.

Kodak Dock & Wi-Fi Portable 4×6” Instant Photo Printer

When you are looking for a photo printer that lets you offer standard 4 x 6-inch photos that don’t bleed or fade, then this photo printer brings a breadth of fresh air. This photo printer employs Thermal Transfer Technology that results in a beautiful 4″ x 6″ print combined with a laminated protection layer that is water-proof, fade-proof, and long-lasting.

Unlike the other printers that are mentioned require either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to print the photos, this photo printer allows you to print beautiful memories that are in your iOS/Android Smartphone via Wi-Fi, any USB-compatible device including external hard drives, memory card readers, or digital camera via PictBridge. You can connect your iOS devices via lightning to a USB adapter, or android devices via a built-in micro USB port to print the images right from your iPhone/Android smartphone.

To customize your photos, install a free Kodak Photo Printer App and add relevant emojis, text, stickers, etc. right from your Android/iOS device and print instantly via WiFi. When you have a few moments on a trip, or outdoor which are being captured in your digital camera then this photo printer allows you to print straight from your digital camera using PictBridge Technology.

What makes this photo printer against the grain when compared to other photo printers is that, unlike the other photo printers that only print the photos either via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, this photo printer charges your Android/iOS devices especially when they are low on battery besides printing. It can power up to two devices at the same time and deliver beautiful images that never bleed or fade since it employs Thermal Transfer Technology.

HP Sprocket Studio 4×6” Instant Photo Printer

When you are on a fishing expedition for a portable instant photo printer that prints full-size 4 x 6-inch photos that will last for the upcoming 100 years then you must bring the HP Sprocket Photo printer to your home.

Alike HP Sprocket 2 x 3” Portable Photo Printer, this photo printer is also compatible with iOS, Android Devices with Bluetooth 5.0 and above versions.

To customize a photo that is either on your phone memory or in the social media accounts or google photos, install the ‘HP Sprocket’ App in your smartphone. After installation, pick a frame-worthy image and start customizing the photo, and hit the ‘print’ button. The best part of this photo printer is that it delivers a 4 x 6-inch photo that is smudge-proof, tear-resistant, and water-resistant high-quality photo that will last for a century.

This photo printer allows editing the photos right in your smartphone’s gallery, social media accounts, google photos, etc. All you have to do is to pair this printer with the HP Sprocket App and print the awesome photos after proper customization of special occasions that make you laugh.

This portable photo printer allows multiple devices to connect and print too. This feature sounds like a breath of fresh air since it’s a lifesaver when you are at the new year party or in the college graduation ceremony that lets your friends print a group photo instantly at the same time.

Canon Selphy CP1300 Wireless Photo Printer

Frankly speaking, unlike the other mini printers that are lightweight and can be carried in your pocket without any issue, this photo printer isn’t. Canon Selphy CP1300 Wireless Photo Printer weighs 1.9 pounds and measures 7.1 x 5.4 inches.

Alike other photo printers, this photo printer prints all the photos whether they are on your smartphone, or camera, or on social media accounts. Since the photo printer comes with Dye-Sub Technology, this technology allows this printer to deliver images that will instantly dry and last for up to a century.

Contrary to other photo printers that only offer limited by one-size photos either 2 x 3-inch or 4 x 6-inch photos this wireless photo printer allows a user to choose the right size for the right photo among the 4 options namely 3.9” x 5.8”, 3.5” x 4.7”, 2.1” x 3.4”, and 2.1” x 2.1” to satisfy your crafting needs. Plus, along with the iPhone/Android phone that will connect via the ‘Canon Print’ app, this printer has a dedicated SD card slot and USB port for an SD Card, or camera’s memory. Just insert the SD card or your DSLR camera’s memory card in the dedicated SD Card slot or USB port and print the photos.

It’s worth mentioning that this printer comes with a 3.2” Tilt-up LCD Touch Screen with various buttons namely ‘HOME’, ‘MENU’, ‘BACK’, ‘PRINT’, ‘OK’, ‘ZOOM’ with plus & minus, ‘OK’, ‘ON’, and ‘Wi-Fi’.

Canon Selphy CP1300 Wireless Photo Printer

Canon Selphy CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer has two color variants namely Black and White.

Final Thoughts

While picking the best iPhone photo printer, take a close look at print quality, customization features, size of the photo, and battery life of the iPhone photo printer. When you buy a photo printer that has a decent built-in battery, then this feature is a lifesaver especially when you are on a road trip with your friends or in a college graduation ceremony.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a polaroid printer worth buying?

The polaroid printers allow a user to print high-quality photos of 2 x 3-inch, or 4 x 6-inch dimensions that are in your iPhone/Android Smartphone or social media accounts in a flash. Plus, they are affordable too since the price of the polaroid printers vary between $50 and $200.

How to use a Polaroid Zinc Printer?

Open the polaroid zinc printer and insert the paper. Install the app that is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and connect the iPhone/Android phone via Bluetooth. After customization print the photos that are either on your iPhone/Android device or on social media.

How to use a Polaroid Zip printer?

Just establish a connection between the printer and iPhone via Bluetooth. Install the Polaroid ZIP app on your iPhone to customize the photos accordingly. When you are done, just hit the print button.

Which is the best instant photo printer for iPhone?

Since the Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 Mobile Printer comes with a new laser exposure system, this system allows this printer to print a photo in 10 seconds.

How much does a polaroid printer cost?

Based on the features the price of the polaroid printers varies between $50 and $200+.

Why is my polaroid printing black pictures?

When you are experiencing that the polaroid printer printing black pictures, here are the probable reasons for that,

  • Maybe there’s a problem in the settings,
  • Not enough light when you have captured the moment,
  • Flash isn’t operational,


Still at sixes and sevens after checking all the points that are mentioned above? At this point, contact the polaroid printer provider ASAP to fix the troubleshooting issues.

Hope this article has helped you to find the best mini photo printer for iPhone. Have I missed any best mini portable printer for iPhone? Make a comment so that I can update the list ASAP.

If you have found this post helpful do share the list of the best iPhone photo printer that will help your friends to find the best portable photo printer for iPhone.

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