7 Best Screen Cleaner for Macbook Pro

Nobody wants to discover the smudges, fingerprints, dust, or streaks, or lint on the pristine screen of the Macbook pro after purchasing a MacBook that costs a tidy sum.

But how to clean a Macbook Pro the proper way? How to choose the right screen cleaners for MacBook Pro? What are the best screen cleaners for MacBook Pro that are available in the marketplace?

If any of the above-mentioned questions stumbles in your mind then you are in the right place. Here you will find the answer to all of the questions. This guide will help you find the best screen cleaner for MacBook Pro that dredges dust, dirt, oil, and gunk from your MacBook Pro and let you out to make the most of it.

Let’s dive into it.

What should I use to clean my MacBook screen?

No matter for what purpose you have bought a MacBook pro by breaking the bank, be it for web browsing, or online classes, memory-intensive video editing, etc. If you haven’t paid close attention to remove the dust, fingerprints, streaks, then the chances are higher that they will play havoc with the screen causing the permanent damage even if the screen is made up of finest materials that are durable.

Before you seize the nearest cloth and start wiping, kindly note that if done wrong, it will permanently damage the Macbook even if its screen is a durable one.

What can I use to clean my MacBook?

When you clean the MacBook screen, exercise caution since excessive wiping plays havoc with the screen that can lead to permanent damage of the screen. For safe cleaning of your MacBook screen, here are the key components that you are free to make use of.

A soft Microfiber cloth – When you employ a microfiber cloth made up of fine, synthetic fibers then there are fewer chances that your MacBook screen gets damaged. What makes the microfiber cloth our first choice is that, it picks up the dust, wipes fingerprint off, quite efficiently and you will find microfiber clothes at a nominal price.

Distilled Water – Since tap water has minerals that can potentially daub the screen, it’s a good idea to spray distilled water to the cloth and clean the screen.

Rocket Air Blaster – The Giottos Rocket Air Blaster blows clean air that not only eliminates dust from sensitive MacBook screen, or camera, or keyboards but also maintains the Macbook display spotless. The best part of Giottos Rocket Air Blaster is it is self-driven that doesn’t require any batteries or power connection to remove the unwanted dust or dirt on the keyboard.

Screen Cleaners – Apple recommends you should use 70% isopropyl alcohol or Clorox disinfecting wipes, to clean the screen. Plus, stay clear from screen cleaners of which the ingredient list includes alcohol, ammonia, phosphate, etc.

How to clean a MacBook pro screen?

The cleaning process of a MacBook Pro is a simple 3 step process. Let’s deep dive into it.

Step #1. Shut down the MacBook Pro

No matter what you are using to clean your MacBook pro, be it a distilled water, or screen cleaners to wipe out the fingerprints, dust, etc. make sure that you have not only shut down the MacBook Pro but also detached the MacBook pro from its power adapter.

Shut down the Macbook Pro

When you proceed without detaching the MacBook Pro then the chances are higher that the components will kaput especially when you are applying screen cleansers to clean the screen. In the worst scenario, you may experience a slight shock when the power adapter is plugged in, and anyhow the moisture hits the electrical circuit.

Step #2. Spread screen cleaners on the microfiber cloth

After you have plugged off all the electrical components, now spray a little bit of screen cleaners on the soft, lint-free, and static-free microfiber cloth. Don’t buy any cleaning products that contain alcohol, bleach, acetone, hydrogen peroxide, aerosol sprays, etc. blindly since they play havoc with the MacBook’s screen. Now spray the screen cleaners on the microfiber cloth, don’t spray on the screen unless they drip inside the screen, and lay waste MacBook’s display.

Spread screen cleaners on the microfiber cloth

Step #3. Gently wipe the screen with the microfiber cloth

Now start cleaning your MacBook screen by applying either the top to bottom approach or from side to side approach. Now pass the microfiber cloth over the screen multiple times until the dust, streaks wiped out.

Gently wipe the screen with the microfiber cloth

No matter what screen cleaners you are using, wait until the screen of the MacBook Pro completely dries before wrapping up the lid or getting back to work.

What is the benefit of cleaning the MacBook at a regular interval?

When you have brought a MacBook Pro to your working desk by breaking the bank then it’s your task to clean the screen, keyboard, regularly. But it’s not necessary to clean the MacBook on a regular basis. Instead, clean a MacBook once a week that is more than enough. It allows you to watch movies, playing games without experiencing a dirty display that is filled with smudges, streaks, or lint. It will cost a few minutes to clean the laptop properly, and once it’s done you will witness a MacBook without any fingerprint, or dust on the screen that looks like a brand new.

You can clean the display with the screen cleaners but what strategy is deemed fit when it comes to the keyboard. The best plausible way to clean the keyboard is by bringing a can of compressed air to remove any morsel that is lying between the keys. After that, apply the screen cleaners on the microfiber cloth, and gently rub the keys. This strategy eliminates the chances of liquid getting inside the MacBook and cleans the oily residue that is laid down by your fingertips on the keys with ease.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Screen Cleaner for MacBook Pro

When you have made the purchase of the MacBook Pro by breaking the bank, you should take a look at the manufacturer’s recommendation since every electronic device may differ from screen materials to the quality of the components and counting. When you use a cleaner that contains hydrogen peroxide to clean the MacBook Pro then it can lead to scratches, streaks, lint, marks, and counting. Plus, if you follow the cleaning guidelines of the manufacturer, then the chances are higher that screen cleaners won’t affect the screen.

What is the volume of the screen cleaner?

The marketplace is full of screen cleaners across a range of sizes and price tags. A majority of the MacBook owners prefer buying a screen cleaner with a large volume since it’s much cheaper as compared to the small volume screen cleaners. But when you clean your MacBook once a week, then the chances are higher that the cleaner will expire without reaching the bottom of the vial.

Whether the ingredient list contains harsh ingredients

It’s not a good idea to use aerosol sprays, solvents, or cleaners the ingredients of which includes hydrogen peroxide, ammonia or bleach, etc. They play havoc with the screen and run down the waterproof, anti-glare, or fingerprint-resistant screen coatings. Employ those screen cleaners where you won’t find traces of alcohol, phosphate, ammonia to clean the fingerprints, dust, or smudges.

Do you want a screen cleaner with fragrance or without fragrance?

The marketplace is full of two types of screen cleaners, with fragrance and without fragrance. If you have a fragrance allergy then screen cleaners without fragrance deemed fit. On the contrary, when you use a scented version of screen cleaner then you will experience a pleasant, sweet smell while cleaning your MacBook.

What type of cloth is the screen cleaner kit offering?

For the best performance take a close look at whether the cloth included in the screen cleaner kit is soft and made up of ling-free materials. Since the microfiber cloth absorbs and removes dust, smudges, fingerprints, and dirt, employ a soft microfiber cloth that won’t leave a scratch or damage the MacBook.

What’s the efficacy of the screen cleaners?

No matter what problems you are experiencing, be it dust, oil, fingerprints, or dirt, don’t buy generalized screen cleaners. Instead, buy a screen cleaner that is solely formulated to tackle the specific issues. Plus, buy a spray that doesn’t require you to satisfy various instructions that appear to be troublesome to follow.

7 Best Screen Cleaner for MacBook Pro

No matter what type of Apple devices you have own, be it a MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air, when it’s time to clean the screen and keyboard, the best idea is to buy a soft, lint-free microfiber cloth, rocket air blaster, and a screen cleaner that is designed specifically for the Apple devices.

WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner Kit

No matter what apple products you have purchased be it, iPhone, MacBook, Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPad, or iPod, this is the sole cleaner that is used for cleaning the Apple Devices in all Apple stores across the world.

Not only the Apple products this screen cleaner comes in handy when it’s time to clean the computer monitor, Eyeglasses, Android smartphones, LCD, LED, or OLED screen and after proper cleansing, you will find all of the screens shine like new.

What makes the WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner Kit different from the peer competitors is that its being environment friendly where you won’t find any traces of Alcohol and Ammonia. This screen cleaner dredges dust, dirt, oil, and gunk that are available in leak-free bottles.

The screen cleaner kit is equipped with one bottle of 3.4 ounces, one bottle of 0.3 ounces that is quite handy when you are outdoor, and 3 microfiber cleaners of 6″ x 6″ dimension.

Ecomoist Natural Screen Cleaner

No matter what devices you need to clean, be it smartphones, LED, LCD screens, MacBooks, iPads, Kindle, or eyeglasses, it will clean dirt, grime, and filth on the screens of the electronic devices without stripping away the protective layers in a conclusive way.

When you are looking for a screen cleaner that is made up of safe, eco-friendly, and natural ingredients that won’t affect the screen, then it’s worth buying. It’s equipped with a biodegradable solution that will assist you to clean the screen.

This screen cleaner offers easy-to-refill pump bottles that allow you to refill the bottle when the biodegradable solutions get exhausted thereby give a helping hand to mitigate the waste.

Ecomoist Natural Screen Cleaner Kit takes into account one bottle of 50 ml / 1.7 Ounces and a microfiber cloth of  8″ x 8″ dimension.

EVEO Screen Cleaner Spray

It is designed specifically for sensitive screen surfaces of various types of LCD, LED, CRT, and OLED screens. This screen cleaner cleans the dust, fingerprints in no time without leaving the scratches on the soft surfaces of iPhones, MacBooks, Kindle, smart TVs, and counting.

What makes EVEO out of the box is that it effectively removes static electricity where other screen cleaners won’t make this happen. Plus, the EVEO cleaning kit offers a premium soft plush microfiber cloth that absorbs stubborn stains from soup to nuts, and you won’t witness any discoloration, streaks, and fiber shedding once finished cleaning. This is an affordable option too since one bottle of EVEO contains 16 Ounces of liquid that allows you to spray 1000 times on the microfiber cloth.

Screen Mom Screen Cleaner Kit

When you have an inherent fear of cheap screen cleaners that may scratch a Macbook that you have owned by paying a tidy sum, then why buy a cheap screen clear. Instead, bring a Screen Mom screen cleaner kit to your home to clean not only the apple devices but also HDTVs, Laptops, tablets, Flatscreens, and counting.

What makes this product worth considering is that its streak-free formula won’t leave any marks on your MacBook or other electronics devices after proper cleaning. Plus, its ingredients list doesn’t include alcohol, ammonia, or phosphates that play havoc with delicate screens.

Screen Mom Screen Cleaner Kit includes a bottle of 16 Ounce, an extra-large premium microfiber towel that will assist you to clean the gadgets with delicate screens that gives a new appearance again.

Bryson Screen Cleaner Kit

Are you looking for a screen cleaner that is designed specifically to tackle fingerprints? Then this is the best plausible option you have got. Bryson deals effectively when it’s time to clear the fingerprints that embrace the Plasma screen, LED, LCD, iPads, and other electronic devices.

Since it’s free from alcohol, ammonia, phosphate, you won’t run across streaks on the screen of the electronic gadgets.

Flawless Screen Cleaner Spray

Do you have a pet friend at your home and you are on the edge about your canine or feline friend’s health?

Then you should employ the Flawless screen cleaner spray to clean the glossy and matte displays either made up of glass or plastic. Since it’s made up of non-toxic, eco-friendly ingredients, it allows your pet and family members to stay safe. Plus, this odor-free screen cleaner is formulated without alcohol, ammonia, or phosphate.

This US-made screen cleaner kit includes a screen cleaner bottle of 16 Ounces and a microfiber cloth that allows you to make your MacBook screen flawless over a thousand times.

Calyptus Screen Cleaner Kit

Designed for not only the Apple devices but also all high-end digitals screens namely 4K, 5K, 8K, OLED, or LED TV screens to stay safe from streak and scratches, this screen cleaner is made up of natural sources and they are non-toxic.

Along with the  2 bottles of screen cleaner of 4 Ounces each, it’s offering 2 anti-static, low friction, professional-grade Calyptus Pixel Shining Cloths of 8″ x 8″ dimension that will remove the oils, debris, dust, or fingerprints for a pixel-perfect shine.

Final Thoughts

Don’t buy cleaners that are designed for the windows or households since they contain hydrogen peroxide, phosphate, acetone, alcohol that can play havoc with your MacBook. Don’t spray the cleaner directly on the screen since the chances are higher that once the liquid drips inside the display, it wreaks havoc on the MacBook.

Plus take care of the keyboards since they may contain dirt, dust, or oil residue. As a good rule of thumb, clean your MacBook once a week to ensure it lasts long.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean fingerprints off MacBook screen?

To remove smudges, fingerprints, or oily residue from the MacBook screen, gently wipe the microfiber cloth either vertical or horizontal of the screen. If you are hell-bent to disinfect your mac, assemble distilled water, white vinegar in equal amount and spray the mixture in a microfiber cloth and wipe it out gently.

How to clean keyboard marks on MacBook screen?

Since the screen of the MacBook experiences direct pressure of the keys, that results in keyboard marks on the Macbook screen. Plus, the oil in the fingertips is transferred to the keys, and in turn, the oil residue is transferred to the screen.

When it’s time to not only clean the keyboard masks but also remove the oily residue, dust, or smudges you have two options:

#1. Clean the Macbook on a daily basis.

#2. Install either a thin lint-free microfiber cloth or a keyboard cover and lay the cloth/keyboard cover over the keyboard before you close the lid.

It’s really frustrating and annoying to clean the Macbook regularly. That’s why buy a microfiber cloth or keyboard cover and install it before closing the lid to stay clear from the keyboard marks on the MacBook Pro screen that requires regular cleaning.

How to clean a mac screen without streaks?

To clean a mac screen, spray the screen cleaner on the soft, clean, lint-free microfiber cloth and wipe gently.

How to remove dust from MacBook Pro screen?

To remove the dust, all you have to do is to spray a cleaner that is designed for cleaning Apple products on the microfiber cloth and wipe it out until all the dust is removed.

How to clean oil off MacBook screen?

To remove the oil from your Macbook screen dampen a soft, lint-free, and static-free microfiber cloth with WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner and put the microfiber cloth into payroll with the purpose that cleaning the MacBook’s screen.

How to remove scratches from MacBook pro screen?

To remove the scratches, you need 2 items, a WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner and a lint-free microfiber cloth to get started. Just spray the screen cleaner in the microfiber cloth and allow a gentle polish with the soft microfiber cloth. Don’t polish fast, since the MacBook’s screen may be damaged by the heat when you polish in a jiffy. After proper polishing for one minute, you won’t find any traces of scratches or fingerprints.

How much does it cost to replace a MacBook Pro screen?

When your MacBook screen gets damaged either by accidental dropping or shuffling while at work, it costs a big buck when you visit any of the Apple Stores to replace it.

When you have a MacBook with a retina display screen, then the charges vary between $450+ and $750+ to replace the screen’s root and branch at AppleCare.

Hope this article has helped you to find how to clean a Macbook pro and what are the best screen cleaners that are designed to clean Apple devices.

Have I missed any best screen cleaners for MacBook Pro? Make a comment so that I can update the best screen cleaners [if I have missed] ASAP.

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